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The suspect apprehended in the mass shooting at a suburban Denver movie theater has been identified as 24-year-old James Holmes. Twelve people died and at least 50 others were injured in the shooting during the new Batman film The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colo., early Friday Morning.


Despite inflation decreasing their value, bank robberies are on the rise in the United States. According to the FBI, in the third quarter of 2010, banks reported 1,325 bank robberies, burglaries, or other larcenies, an increase of more than 200 crimes from the same quarter in 2009. America isn’t the easiest place to succeed financially these days, a predicament that’s finding more and more people doing desperate things to obtain money. Robbing banks is nothing new, of course; it’s been a popular crime for anyone looking to get quick cash practically since America began. But the face and nature of robbers is changing. These days, the once glamorous sheen of bank robberies is wearing away, exposing a far sadder and ugly reality: Today’s bank robbers are just trying to keep their heads above water.

Bonnie and Clyde, Pretty Boy Floyd, Baby Face Nelson—time was that bank robbers had cool names and widespread celebrity. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Jesse James, and John Dillinger were even the subjects of big, fawning Hollywood films glorifying their thievery. But times have changed.

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Several women from various branches of the US military have come forward saying that after being raped or sexually assaulted, they were labeled as crazy or mentally unstable and discharged. Excellent job, US military. That’s the perfect way to handle rape. Just sweep it under the rug.

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Trayvon Martin was a 17-year-old kid walking home from a convenience store with an Arizona Iced Tea and a pack of Skittles last month in Orlando. He’d gotten the snacks for his little brother during a break in the NBA All-Star Game. Martin’s grandparents lived in the gated community he was walking through, but that didn’t stop George Zimmerman, the 28-year-old neighborhood watch captain, from tailing Martin in his car and calling the police to tell them a “suspicious person” was in the area. That also didn’t stop Zimmerman from confronting Martin before the police arrived and then shooting the teenager with his 9-mm handgun. By the time police got there, Martin was dead, and Zimmerman was telling everyone he’d acted in self-defense.

It’s now been weeks since a black kid got killed for doing nothing more than trying to get home to see his family, and police have yet to charge or arrest Zimmerman with a single crime.

Yesterday, hundreds of miles from Orlando, New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said the best way he knows of to clean up gun violence in New York is by stopping and frisking random men of color on the street, essentially treating them all like they’re suspicious, dangerous, the kind of people who can be menacing with only a pack of Skittles in their pocket.

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It’s sad, because it feels like there are people all over the world who can sympathize with us, but not in our own community.

This story, coupled with this story. Way to go Texas!

Craig Soignet, the father of the girl who roiled a small town in Texas when she refused to cheer for the boy she told police had raped her. The girl was kicked off the cheer squad. 

Three years later, cheerleader rape case still stirs flames in Silsbee, Texas.

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